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PEG is Proposal Enactment Governance 

PEG is the method we already should have in play in our political environment.


Have you ever wondered if we are to have government by the people for the people and of the people, why, we are not yet using our current technical capacity to directly express the will of the people?


 Likely because politicians do not want to forge their assumed power, and they do not want, actually for the power to rest in practice in the people. 

screen shot of sample PEG page.jpg
This is a mock up of what PEG will look like.

Every member will be able to add their own proposal and vote on existing proposals. 

At the initiation, the PEG will only be used to deliver the contents of the pooled money that comes from the (approx) $100 membership cost every quarter.  Bearing in mind the membership cost gives each member an equivalent value in Freedom Notes.  

The cycle will repeat every 3 months for this process. 
Benefits of PEG
  • Members appear as equal and have an equal opportunity to present proposals.
  • Members of the SOFA do not have to be the most confident public speaker or have the most alpha personality to have their wisdom shared in a proposal.
  • Members can peruse the proposals and vote at any time of day at their own convenience.
  • The proposals can be linked to amended proposals, and also linked to outside information, websites etc.
  • The PEG eliminates in person-arguing, and allows for enactment of the best ideas, visions and plans according Members' sensibilities. 
  • Members can be notified of new proposals in their email, and can promote proposals they especially want enacted to other members of the Alliance.
  • When membership grows, subchapters of the SOFA are created, so that each subchapter has money to spend locally. 
  • This PEG can be used for simple distribution of money (which is how it will start out), and it can be expanded to elect people to fulfill leadership needs as defined by proposal.  
Sample Proposal

We need a trucking company to deliver the produce from the organic farms created by the SOFA to the members across the PA,OH region.  This would use 65K to buy this TRUCK, which will be held in trust by the SOFA, and set 15k aside to hire and pay a member delivery driver to deliver 4 days a week across the PA, OHIO region per quarter.

Sergio Gromley is eager to do this job. (Here) is a link to his resume, and (here) to his driving record.


proposal # 105

25 yes votes

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