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Are We Really THAT Predictable

Michelle Giorgio

Are We Really This Predictable?


Maslow established a hierarchy of needs theory, which can almost predict human behavior. The Theory consists of a five-tier model of basic human needs. Physiological, safety, love/belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization. Although for some, the order of these tiers is not fixed, the overall end goal is the same. Physiological needs include those we depend on to live. Food, water, shelter, clothing… etc. We absolutely cannot live without the first two and would be considered poor without the others. After establishing our first tier of needs, we move on to obtain the second tier. Safety and Security, which can be described differently depending on the individual. Overall, however, people want predictability, stability, order, and control. Police, schooling, medical care, and businesses are described in this tier. After reaching and fulfilling the second tier, we move on to the next. We are ready for what comes next… the third tier, love and belonging, as according to Maslow’s Theory. People want family and friendship. We crave intimacy and a sense of connection. Once the first two tiers are completed, what else is there to need or want, but to share with and be close to others. After all, no man is an island. The fourth tier is self-esteem, and that is something that is hard to obtain without this connection to others. We want for the two different types of esteem. Esteem for oneself, as in self-dignity, independence, achievement… and then there is the want for respect from others, preferably those we are connected to, and the want for a good reputation. We want to be accepted and valued by others. So, we engage in activities that allow us to gain the respect and acceptance we crave. We work hard, we educate ourselves, we abide by society’s ever-changing and ever-growing rules. Sadly, the fifth tier isn’t easily or ever obtained for everyone. Self-actualization – the realization of a person’s potential, the want for self-fulfillment. In some cases, many will experience this tier at one time or another, but many will not continue within this tier. Many drop back out of this tier, and unfortunately some never make it back, some never make it all. Yes, there are those that spend their lives stuck in one of the other tier, never knowing what it’s like to realize their own potential, never knowing their own worth. You see, to graduate to that last tier, one needs to fulfill the others. In their own order of course. IE: it is said that children have a stronger need for love and belongingness, which is why they can sometimes cling to abusive adults. They never actually receive the love and belongingness they crave from those they are connected to, which at a young age is the very people who are raising them. Some people are manipulated by others and made to feel that they are not worthy enough or loved enough to belong anywhere but with those making them feel that very way. The latter was my case for a very long time. I was manipulated into thinking I was supposed to live based on someone else’s wants and needs. I needed to live the way they saw fit. I craved for… and yearned for their acceptance. Therefore, preventing myself from ever graduating to the next tier. I never gained that acceptance, and I am currently starting over, in a lower tier.

Over the generations it has become harder to graduate from the first tier alone. Shelter… even clothing is harder to obtain than it once was. Natural foods, that is organic and fresh food and water, the kind that is good for both your mind and your body, are harder to obtain. Many will spend most of their lives… fighting past that first tier. It is our instinct to survive. Therefore, it is only natural that we will spend all our time and energy on the basic needs for survival, before we spend any energy on anything else. Who has the time and energy to socialize, when they are working two, and sometimes three, jobs just to obtain those basic needs? No, we work for those first two tiers, and if we obtain those tiers we get the reward of the third tier, and then hopefully the fourth tier. These days we are working too much to really enjoy the third and fourth tier at all.

So, are we that predictable that we can be manipulated into spending majority of our lives enslaved to the first and second tiers? Have those in charge found that if they make those third and fourth, undoubtedly the fifth tier completely unattainable, it will be within our natural instinct to continue to work towards them? Think about it… Jim Hogue quoted it best in his ‘All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars’ publication; ‘modern capitalization is a gigantic financial apparatus of credit and debt that operates to pump more and more labor out of just about everyone’. Without our labor, there is no capitalism, no funds for their agendas. Without the proper motivation, we the people won’t produce that labor. What better motivation than that of necessity, plus the want for more? Housing is a basic necessity. Buying a home puts us into debt. Debt is bad credit. Bad credit equals… low self-esteem, and a bad reputation = working more, working harder = the want to make more for less work, so we educate ourselves = more debt. What about that “endlessly expanding volume of material goods” also mentioned in Jim’s publications? We need to cleanse our bodies, so we need body soaps… but we don’t need over 100 different brands, and types, and scents of body soaps, but we produce them. Then the media markets them… as if to say we aren’t clean enough if we use just ordinary soap. You know, the same soap that those ‘obviously dirty people’ used generations ago ß Obvious sarcasm. If we don’t have these things though, if we don’t BUY these things, we aren’t living ‘our best lives’. At least that is what the media will have you believe. So, we work, and we work harder, to have the basic needs, and to have what the rest of the world has somehow deemed necessary to have, in order to feel better about ourselves. Just hoping… to make it to that fifth and final tier, and maybe stay there.

But the odds seem against us, right?

So, we grow, and EweGrow, and we create a new system. One that will hopefully erase the need for anything other than basic needs. That IS MY hope for EweGrow. I would love to revert to simpler times. I, for one, am tired of having to skim through the thousands of different brands and types, and scents of…. Everything… when I just want to… wipe my butt, and that of my children’s butts, in the most affordable and efficient way possible. I don’t want my future husband to have to work harder because my kids need a more expensive type of shoe to prevent being bullied in school. I don’t want my children to suffer in all the different physical, emotional, and mental ways that they can, and have suffered, because we have to hop from one town to the next in order to afford adequate housing. When I think of the future of EweGrow, I think of the future… in terms of my children, and your children, and how we can pave a better, simpler way for them. If we are all working towards the same goal, then there isn’t anything else to want or need for. Our wants are the same. We want natural and organic, and safe food and water. We want affordable and secure housing. We want beneficial, loving, and intimate relationships. We want, and we need all of these things, nothing more. I think it’s just a matter of reminding everyone how simple it really can be. I think society, those who run it anyway, have over complicated things… and they have done so purposely, as a means of distraction, persuasion, and manipulation. I feel like we have all been used and taken advantage of. I truly believe that EweGrow can be, no it WILL be… the answer.

Just a little food for thought. A little motivation. A reminder… of why EweGrow.

References – Can be provided.

Inspired by the writings of Jim Hogue.

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